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Joshua Taylor | Planting a Network of Church in Chicago
Posted By Josh Turansky on April 17, 2019
In this episode Josh Turansky sits down with Joshua Taylor to discuss the church planting process for Missio Dei Chicago. Joshua Taylor leads a small network of churches in the inner city of Chicago, Illinois. 
You can learn more about Missio Dei Chicago here:
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Matt Klingler | Shaping Your Church Plant Along the Way
Posted By Josh Turansky on April 10, 2019
Matt Klingler is the Lead Pastor of The Well Community Church in Silver Spring, MD. In our conversation with Matt he shares about the purposeful adjustments he has made over the last few years. 
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Trinity Jordan | How to scandal-proof your church plant
Posted By Josh Turansky on April 03, 2019
Trinity Jordan is a former church planter turned lawyer. He practiced law as an Assistant United States Attorney in the southern district of Florida. He has been training church planters and nonprofit leaders for years. He currently runs a company called Launch my Non-Profit. 
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Andres Huarta | He Planted a Church in His Driveway
Posted By Josh Turansky on March 27, 2019
In this episode Josh Turansky continues his conversation with the Living Way pastors in Southern California. Andres Huarta is the Pastor of Living Way Maywood. They launched two churches at once: Spanish and English. He has a similar testimony to Pastor David Zamora. The Living Way Maywood team is embodying the Gospel in their neighborhood.  
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David Zamora | Church Planting Lessons From A Former Gang Leader
Posted By Josh Turansky on March 20, 2019
David Zamora is the pastor of Living Way, Christian fellowship in Fontana California. In this episode he speaks with Josh Turansky about his church planting journey and the crazy scene God brought him out of.
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Dr. Jeff Iorg | The Church Planter and Seminary
Posted By Josh Turansky on March 13, 2019
Dr. Iorg teaches leadership, preaching, and church ministry courses at Gateway Seminary. He speaks frequently on these subjects in conferences and other venues, including college campuses and leadership seminars. His publications include seven books: The Painful Side of Leadership, The Character of Leadership, Is God Calling Me?, The Case for Antioch, Seasons of a Leader’s Life, Unscripted, Ministry in the New Marriage Culture, and his latest, Leading Major Change in Your Ministry. Iorg has also written dozens of articles and curriculum materials.
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Rob Wilton | A Holy Discontentment
Posted By Josh Turansky on March 06, 2019
Pastor Rob Wilton and his wife, Annabeth, started a bible study in their home that would become Vintage Church of New Orleans. That church family has multiplied all over the New Orleans region and has now come to the city of Pittsburgh. The Wilton family and some other families around the country have united with some families in Pittsburgh to launch Vintage Church of Pittsburgh this year!
You can find out more at their web site here:
You can follow Rob on Twitter here:
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Jonathan Parnell | Lessons from Church Planting
Posted By Josh Turansky on February 27, 2019
Jonathan Parnell is the lead pastor of Cities Church in Minneapolis–St. Paul. In this episode Clint Clifton talks with Jonathan about his church planting journey. You can find more info about Jonathan at his site here: Their church web site can be found here:
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Dhati Lewis | Leading Church Planting for the Southern Baptists
Posted By Josh Turansky on February 20, 2019
This week Pastor Clint Clifton sits down with Dhati Lewis for a candid conversation about church planting and the Southern Baptist. Dhati recently took the lead role with the North American Mission Board as the Executive Vice President of the Send Network.
Dhati is also the Lead Pastor of Blueprint Church in Atlanta, GA. View his full bio here:
Books by Dhati Lewis: 
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David Platt | Church Planting – Part 2
Posted By Josh Turansky on February 13, 2019
This is part 2 in Pastor David Platt’s teaching on the church planter and preaching. In this episode he zeros in on making sermon application. 
Pastor David Platt is the Preaching and Teaching Pastor at McLean Bible Church. You can read his full bio here
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