Aren’t there enough churches in the metro DC region already?

Admittedly, there are many churches in Metro DC, but the truth is the vast majority are in decline. Of the evangelical churches in the Washington metropolitan area today, an alarming 80 percent have plateaued or are declining.[1] In addition, Nearly 80% of those living in the metropolitan Washington area have no meaningful relationship with a local church. [2] Meanwhile, our region’s population continues to grow. The solution is two-fold: establishing and nurturing new, healthy churches, while also supporting larger, more established churches in need of support to survive. We will aim to do both through this effort.


[1] Taken from a quote by Win Arn

[2] Redeemer Church Planting Manual, Tim Keller, p. 30

How are New City and McLean Bible Church related?

New City was created by and is led by a team at McLean Bible Church, in conjunction with the Send Network and the North American Mission Board. New City Network is the church planting ministry of McLean Bible Church. Visit our page on the MBC website.

What is the difference between the new church plants and MBC's existing campuses?

This church planting network is supplemental to MBC’s multi-site approach. New churches launched through the church planting effort will be autonomous and, eventually, self-sustaining. At this time, our five existing campuses will remain an active and vital part of the MBC church family.

Does New City Network only partner with churches in the Metro DC?

We are currently expanding our network and will consider working with churches outside of the DC area. We are still prioritizing partnerships with churches in the area defined as the “Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area” (list of counties).

How will church planters be identified and selected?

Individuals interested in partnering with New City Network will be selected through an application process, which includes a thorough assessment of their qualifications, leadership skills, and marriage and family life. New City Network provides varying levels of support, including funding and resources, which are stewarded accordingly. 

Will New City Network help launch new church plants of all denominations?

New City Network partners primarily with churches who are members of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Churches in partnership with New City Network must affirm the Baptist Faith & Message.

What resources will New City Network provide for church planters?

New City Network will provide varying levels of financial support and capacity- building resources for partnering new churches and multiplying churches in Metro DC and beyond. A future goal is to provide resources for struggling or dying churches in the area.

Can individuals who currently attend MBC apply to the new church-planting network?

MBC staff and congregants will be given preference in the application process. Our strong desire to identify and train both individuals in our existing church body to replicate the success of MBC by becoming effective church leaders in their local communities.

Will the new church plants be ethnically diverse?

Yes. In fact, individuals with ethnically diverse backgrounds will be given preference in the application process. Our city is diverse and we pray that the churches launched through this effort will adequately reflect that diversity.

How will MBC keep the new church plants accountable if they are independent churches?

Each church planter will undergo extensive training over a 12-month period during which they will be required to provide monthly reporting to MBC. We will also regularly monitor the health and progress of the new church plants, and serve as a resource to the new church plants on an as-needed basis.