“In a ranking of the top 25 most-diverse metropolitan areas, and only three metro areas — all in California — had greater diversity than Washington.”

Washington Post



What Does New City Network Do?

We Support Church Planters – We seek to support church planters by providing excellent training, honest feedback and accountability and valuable resources to church planters and their families.

We Support Multiplying Churches – We recognize that there are many faithful churches in the metro area working to make Jesus known. With this in mind, we seek to encourage like-minded church planting and revitalization initiatives by providing resources such as training, coaching and funding for those seeking to multiply churches. 

We Educate Christians – We desire to help Christians better understand the biblical rationale for church planting and to familiarize them with the need for new churches in Metro DC, and throughout in the world, in order to motivate them to participate in local church planting initiatives. 


“When ranked with the 50 states, D.C. was fifth from last in the percentage of its residents who attend church services at least once a week.”

– CNS News


**Read about our city in this booklet: New City Booklet 

New City Network works in partnership with the North American Mission Board.