Prayer Calendar

New City Network Aims to Multiply and Equip Gospel-Centered Church in Metro DC

New City Network currently partners with over 50 church plants in the Washington Metropolitan area by providing financial support, training, and resources. We invite you to use this prayer calendar to come alongside us in praying fervently for the Lord to use, grow, and sustain these young churches, their pastors and staff, and their families as they seek to continue to impact lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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New City Network New City Network
Allan McCullough Allan McCullough
Brian Collison Brian Collison
Cameron House Cameron House
Chris Moerman Chris Moerman
Damin Lou Front Damin Lou Front
Daniel Escobar Daniel Escobar
Ebenezer Nkansah Ebenezer Nkansah
Ed Choy Ed Choy
Eli Choi Eli Choi
Felix Sermon Felix Sermon
Gabriel Sobarzo Gabriel Sobarzo
Greg Gibson Greg Gibson
Gustavo Pacheco Gustavo Pacheco
Isaac Arthur Isaac Arthur
Jacob Baum Jacob Baum
Jim Reger Jim Reger
Jason Lamb Jason Lamb
Jeff Geyer Jeff Geyer
Jeff Keeny Jeff Keeny
Jody Miller Jody Miller
Joel Pazmino Joel Pazmino
Jon Spallino Jon Spallino
Jose Mazariego Jose Mazariego
Kenji Adachi Kenji Adachi
Kenneth Jones Kenneth Jones
Aaron Nichols Aaron Nichols
Leduan Reina Leduan Reina
Matt Felton Matt Felton
Medardo Serrano Medardo Serrano
Michael Bartlett Michael Bartlett
Michael Godfrey Michael Godfrey
Rich Shipe Rich Shipe
Rob Stephens Rob Stephens
Roy Garza Roy Garza
Scott Bonner Scott Bonner
Shawn Branscum Shawn Branscum
T.Jay Williams T.Jay Williams
Thomas Anderson Thomas Anderson
Will Klotz Will Klotz
Zack Bekele Zack Bekele
Arllen Ade Arllen Ade
Bobby Oliveri Bobby Oliveri
Andy Palana Andy Palana
Multiplying Churches Multiplying Churches
Praetorian Card Praetorian Card
Clint Clifton Clint Clifton
Jordan Thigpen Jordan Thigpen
Holly Huffman Holly Huffman
Mark Campbell Mark Campbell
NCN Prayer Week NCN Prayer Week
53a NCN Plain Card   Blue 53a NCN Plain Card   Blue


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