Church Planting Primer

Why Church Planting?

When you need quick, easy to understand facts and rationale to help your congregation see the need for and beauty of church planting.

Church Planting Primer

Church Planting Primer Course

A basic church planting course to help the everyday Christian see the biblical rationale for church planting and the need for new churches. It answers the question: why does church planting matter?

Church Planting Primer

Church Planting Podcast

Weekly, interview podcast to help church planters and sending churches aspiring to make more disciples through church planting.

Church Planting Primer


Bilingual (English and Spanish), practical guides for Church planting, developed originally to serve New City’s planters, are widely used now by church planters around the world.

Church Planting Primer


Our video playlists are intended to assist churches and church planters as they encourage their congregation to participate in church planting, as well as to enrich the experience of reading through Thresholds.

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