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Why Plant Churches?

The Christian Church was designed from the first to be aggressive. It was not intended to remain stationary at any period, but to advance onward until its boundaries became commensurate with those of the world. It was to spread from Jerusalem to all Judea, from Judea to Samaria, and from Samaria until the uttermost parts of the earth. It was not intended to radiate from one central point only; but to form numerous centers from which its influence might spread to the surrounding parts … The plan upon which the apostles proceeded … was to plant churches in all the great cities and centers of influence in the known world.

A Biblical Foundation

Jesus was a church planter

Jesus, the hero of the Bible and our example, was the very first church planter. While on earth, Jesus established the universal Church and claimed that the “Gates of hell would not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18). He also led a small congregation of disciples, teaching them the Word of God, sharing communion with them, and commissioning them to plant more churches.

Paul was a church planter.

Once the church commissioned the Apostle Paul at Antioch in Acts 13, he immediately began an incredible church-planting career. Over the course of 13 years, he embarked on three missionary journeys, traveling more than 7,000 miles and planting at least 14 new churches.

The Apostles were church planters.

The apostles were church planters, and the entire book of Acts is an account of their church-planting ministry. Despite little support from other churches, and against great political and religious opposition, they persisted in their mission to plant new churches. Ultimately, their commitment to obey the Great Commission by planting churches cost them their lives.

The Great Commission is a call to plant churches.

Spoken by Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20, the Great Commission is essentially a call to plant new churches. We can say this with confidence because “baptizing, teaching, and making disciples,” the core tenets of the Great Commission, are exactly what churches are called to do throughout the rest of the New Testament. Additionally, the disciples who heard Jesus’ instruction to “baptize, teach, and make disciples” responded by spending the rest of their lives organizing new churches.

How We Help

We Support Church Planters

We aim to support church planters by providing excellent training, individualized coaching, and valuable resources to church planters and their families. One avenue of accomplishing this is through our Church Planting Residency, which is an intensive, supervised ministry experience focused on developing the core competencies of planting a church.

We Network Churches Together

Connecting Partner Churches with one another is a priority for us, as we value the impact that a genuine brotherhood has on the success of new churches. We encourage and foster relationships among churches who have the unified goal of reaching our city, nation and world with the message of Jesus Christ.

We Develop Training and Resources

Our Church Planting Residency is an intensive, supervised ministry experience focused on developing the core competencies of planting a church. We also create resources, including books, videos, and podcasts, for churches and individuals to use as resources in their own church planting endeavors. Our desire is that these materials and methods are reproducible in churches of various sizes and adequately prepares and equips biblically qualified men and their teams to plant new evangelical churches.

We Advocate for Church Planting and the Great Commission

We desire to help all Christians understand the biblical rationale for church planting and to familiarize them with need for new churches throughout this country and the world. In turn, we hope this motivates participation in local church planting initiatives. Our intro to church planting course, Church Planting Primer, is available online for anyone wanting to learn more about church planting and how every Christian can be involved.

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