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We are a community of ordinary pastors with an extraordinary commitment to multiplying churches.

Our team can help you lead your church to multiply with:

Helpful church-planting resources

Support For Evangelistic Outreach



Planter Residency

Our program has helped over a hundred churches become rooted and autonomous faster, with residencies now available across the country.

Church Planting Primer

Primer Course

This introductory course on church planting is a great tool for your congregation to understand the biblical rational of church planting.

The Passing of New City Founder Clint Clifton

Clint Clifton, our friend and founder, died unexpectedly on January 12, 2023. He was the key God used to plant many churches for Christ. His life was a life well invested and our team believes the Lord Jesus and Clint would want us to continue this great work.

A message from Pastor Dale Sutherland: 

“In 2015, Clint and I met for lunch for the first time. That conversation is when I first got to see the work of Clint Clifton. I couldn’t believe all he had accomplished for Christ through church planting! Clint and I continued to meet, and after meeting with Lon Solomon, the Senior Pastor at McLean Bible Church, the three of us determined to start New City Network. 

It was awesome to see God at work through New City at the beginning. In those early days, Clint asked me to be the Chairman of the Board. Clint and his team did amazing work for the next four years as they planted many new churches. Then, in 2020, Clint met with me and asked if I would again be the Board’s Chairman for the new New City Church Planting ministry he was starting. I was honored to join him and help him assemble the board and build this new, revised version of New City.

We had the great joy of working together in this ministry for the next few years until his heartbreaking accident earlier this year. New City will never be the same, but after speaking to Clint’s wife, Jennifer, and Colby Garmin (Clint’s co-pastor), we determined we should continue this great work that Clint began.” 

Please pray with us as we ask God to direct our steps.

“My prayer is that you would plant a church that is committed to vigorously planting other churches,” Clint wrote in his first book. “I pray that you will stretch the faith of your people, not so that they may have a larger building to worship in, but so Christ may have a larger kingdom of worshippers.”

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