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We partner with gospel-hearted, multiplication-minded pastors who seek to fulfill the great commission through church planting.

We resource sending churches and church planters

New City Church Planting is an independent non-profit organization that assists gospel-loving churches in fulfilling the great commission through church planting.

We empower pastors to lead their congregations to become kingdom-minded and multiplication-focused by equipping them to discover, develop, and deploy church planters.

Initially serving the Washington, DC area, in 2022, New City Church Planting expanded its ministry to cover many other regions in the United States and has even expanded internationally. Clint’s church-planting library has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, and Farsi and is being used in seminaries and universities across the United States and around the world. This increasing utilization of New City resources is expected to extend to East Africa, the Philippines, and India soon.

New City aims to serve gospel-hearted, multiplication-minded churches from a variety of denominational streams within the clear, orthodox doctrinal framework of the Lausanne Covenant.

New City's Pillar Church Washington DC

New City Church Planting is a community of ordinary pastors with an extraordinary commitment to multiplying churches.


  • We are passionate about proclaiming Jesus in every context.
  • We are deeply committed to equipping churches to plant multiplying churches.
  • We resolve to provide every qualified church planter with access to the best services and resources available.
  • We fully trust the Holy Spirit will empower God’s people to accomplish God’s mission.

Meet the Team

Clint Clifton


Clint Clifton, our friend and founder died unexpectedly on January 12. He was the key God used to plant many churches for Christ. His life was a life well invested. Our team believes the Lord Jesus and Clint would want us to to continue this great work. 

  • Dale Sutherland
    Board President / Pastor
  • Colby Garman
    Expert Advisor / Church Planter
  • Nate Crew
    Expert Advisor / Church Planter
  • Steve King
    Expert Advisor / Church Planter
  • Thomas Waite
    Board Treasurer
  • Chuy Rodriguez
    Hispanic Director
  • Alirio Arreaza
    Board Member
  • Billy Bob Brown
    Board Member
  • Brian Miller
    Board Member


New City Church Planting was established in 2016, originally named New City Network, as the church planting ministry of McLean Bible Church after a series of meetings between Clint Clifton, Dale Sutherland, and then Senior Pastor of MBC, Lon Solomon. It was started to carry out the vision of “multiplying churches among all nations beginning in greater Washington, DC.”

Early in 2022, New City Church Planting matured into an independent, autonomous group emphasizing training and equipping sending churches to multiply throughout the United States. We will always appreciate McLean Bible Church’s support to help us develop this network to grow and send out church planters. We are very thankful for their incredible partnership.

New City Network

“Today, of the approximately 350,000 churches in America, four out of five are either plateaued or declining. Many churches begin a plateau or slow decline about their fifteenth to eighteenth year. 80-85 percent are on the down-side of this cycle.”


Will you help us change this trend?