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How We Help

We Support Church Planters

We aim to support church planters by providing excellent training, individualized coaching, and valuable resources to church planters and their families. One avenue of accomplishing this is through our Church Planting Residency, which is an intensive, supervised ministry experience focused on developing the core competencies of planting a church.

We Develop Training and Resources

We create resources, including books and videos, for churches and individuals to use in their own church-planting endeavors. We desire that these materials and methods are reproducible in churches of various sizes and adequately prepare and equip biblically qualified men and their teams to plant new evangelical churches.

We Contribute to Outreach Efforts

We want to see church planters thrive in reaching out to lost and broken people with the love of Jesus and the good news of the gospel, yet many lack resources. Amid our time’s spiritual darkness and disruption, church planting and outreach to the lost are more crucial now than ever. We seize opportunities to practically support church planters’ efforts in evangelistic outreach.

Church Planting Residency

Our Residency is open to aspiring planters and re-planters of any age and at any stage who are sensing a call to reach people through church planting.

During the Residency, potential planters develop the core competencies of planting a church, from refining a strategic and contextualized vision of planting a local church to creating a solid core team that stewards the church’s long-term health and vitality.

Residencies are currently held in the District of Columbia.

Are you interested in participating in our Residency?

Please email us at

Church Planting Residency meeting with spouses

Our Community

At the heart of what we do at New City is to assist gospel-loving churches in fulfilling the great commission through church planting.

Ours is a community of missionary leaders who support, encourage and pray for one another through the difficult work of church planting.

Church planting is one of the most effective ways of reaching people with the gospel and expanding the kingdom of God. About 42% of members at successful church plants were not previously attending church regularly.

Will you help us bring the Gospel to more places?